Profit-seekers with no imagination:

Ego: In the past, I had a hard time collaborating because I wanted to be the center of the project. I worked hard, and it was time to have the spotlight. How might I cultivate the humility to act without the ego? What does it look like for the ego to dissolve?

Transaction-driven platforms. I buy tickets to an event on EventBrite and complete the experience in-person with the facilitator, and without EventBrite. These platforms exist to serve themselves, do not contribute to the experiences I design, and I am participating in the exchange of commodities. Why am I using platforms that create friction for my community and are not aligned with my values? How long will it take for a profit-seeker with no imagination to see what we created before they come in?

Incumbent defensibility. As incumbents acquire unicorns and up-and-coming disruptors it simultaneously builds their defensibility. How might we quietly accumulate competitive advantages that allow us to bring new projects to market in a defensible position?

Strategic partnerships. Grassroots innovators see things others don’t. They launch projects, get traction, but then hit a roadblock when it comes to growth. Why are innovators having such a difficult time creating shared value through strategic partnerships?

Early customer acquisition. Bootstrapping a new startup is one of the most challenging experiences I have encountered. It makes living paycheck to paycheck seem like a holiday. How might we make it easier for a network of creators to search, test, and find the repeatable business model? How might we acquire early customers? How might we serve one another?

Doing it alone. Many of us work privately, we don’t share openly about what we’re going through on our learning journey, and our ego is happy to spend time preserving itself from being shattered. What would it look like to share resources and invite others into the entrepreneurial experience?

Too many tools. It’s chaos, breeds lack of focus, and it makes doing great work challenging. What is the minimum toolset we need?

Starting from scratch. The process of bringing ideas to life is a heavy lift. It requires experimentation to test the assumptions made about the business model. The tools available are ill-equipped to discover problem/solution and product/market fit. Why haven’t we questioned this paradigm? What would the ideal experience look like?