Thread your individual purpose into the work you bring to the world

  • PURPOSE: Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • BEING: 
  • VISION: When you look into the future, what do you see? What change do you want to see in the world?
  • VALUES: What principles/sign posts act as guardrails on your purpose-driven journey to realize your vision?
  • STORY: What will a client be able to say about her experience working with you?
  • OPPORTUNITIES: What challenges or opportunities will you encounter with your client on the journey to realizing the outcome stated in the Story?
  • EXPERIENCES: How might you design 2-3 experiences (exercises, conversations, services) to nurture a client to take advantage of the opportunities outlined in “Opportunities”?


Gain an empathetic understanding of where your customer is right now, and define a tangible customer profile (avatar) to create value for your market with clarity.

Deliverables: empathy map canvas, persona canvas, customer profile


Open the lines of communication with your ideal customers in text message, Facebook chats, and Whats App.

Deliverables: craft the messages to organically onboard ideal customers into first experiences


Design your business model, define the services you sell, and think through the ideal way to leverage technology to improve your client experience.

Deliverables: one-page business model canvas, and product/services matrix


Get a web hosting account and domain name to build a WordPress website as the foundation of your business.

Deliverables: One-page WordPress website built as the launchpad for your larger site and overall business


Expand your website via memberships and payments.

Deliverables: Stripe account setup, rapidly create payment buttons on WordPress site, auto deposit funds to your bank account

Social Media

Maintain consistent branding across channels with professionally designed social media profile and banner images.

Deliverables: profile pictures and banner images designed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Setup email marketing with an organic email database, columns, and map your website form fields to automatically connect.

Deliverables: email account setup in your preferred platform, email subscription forms embedded on your website, welcome email 


Support your business goals with a 30-day editorial strategy that provides specific instructions to know what to post, when to post, and where to post.

Deliverable: 30-day editorial calendar that says what you post on which social media account