Daniel DAlonzo




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open myself up to deep human connection through sense of self, identity, reputation, values alignment


vulnerable, authentic, self-trust, aware, adaptive, love, compassion, humble, empathetic


journaling, reflection, mindset adjustments, being with discomfort, self-directed learning plan mapped to blindspots


an ecosystem for creators that creates the conditions for an entrepreneurial intent that evolves from a person's passion and purpose. it's an organic environment for humans to discover their essence, strengthen social ties, cultivate superpowers, analyze complex challenges, find comfort in ambiguity, bridge new connections, immerse in new experiences for ongoing expansion, and where creators can invite stakeholders from other organizations and communities to collaborate on co-created solutions that serve humanity


I create things that have the potential to change and touch lives. I see what others don't and relentlessly pursue the vision. I realize dreams, love life, and never lose hope. I am proud of my story. My flaws serve a purpose. My experience benefits others. I surround myself with the difference makers, risk-takers, and system-shakers. The real deal. The people who ask, "why, why, why". The creatives. The innovators. They're reimagining institutions and leading movements.


Creators flying solo. The gap between creators and creators, creators and partners, and creators and capital. Incumbent organizations build defensibility through M&A. Transactional technology platforms (think EventBrite and Zoom) disconnect the creator from customer with an "increase signups" culture. Profit seekers with no imaginations seek creators who discover the winning ideas through authentic self-expression, wait for the creator to bring the ideas to the finish line, and seek to take over the value while bringing the creator back to phase one=flying solo.