How do I get new customers?

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  1. If you’re referring to a startup:

    Growing a startup from scratch means you are searching. You are on the hunt. Your priority = find a repeatable and scaleable business model before you run out of money.

    You have a vision, and before you build a product start the process in conversations. Get out of your own way – your ego is in the way – immerse in your community, perhaps new communities as well, to learn what you don’t know.

    Get out of the building, begin an ongoing dialogue with humans to talk about the challenges you face, understand each other, what gifts do we have that can come together in a unique way, and take steps to begin the search for a repeatable business model by running experiments to test, iterate, and validate.

    This experimentation process feels uncomfortable and ambiguous, at first. Creative confidence is built through exercising this experimentation muscle.

    There are no shortcuts. No quick fixes. No surveys and no focus groups. As the founder, the creator, the originator it is on you to engage in these conversations. Sure, some conversations can be shared back to the founder. However, there are nuances and subtle expressions only a founder will pull insights from as they relate to the vision.

    It’s not a matter of it “if” it works. It’s a matter of “when”.

    For me, I approach this in an open, transparent, and honest way. I speak to stakeholders coming from a place of creating shared value – so everyone wins.


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