Empath Popup Offers Transformation as a Service

It was a transformational two weeks at the Empath Popup. Superpowers like empathy, compassion, and communication are not generally found in a retail store. These gifts are cultivated through experiences. The facilitators created a safe space for participants to drop-in and create their own experience.

There’s something magical about deep, meaningful conversations with a diverse group of random strangers. I made a handful of new friends each time I was there.


People held space for me to share vulnerably. I held space for others to share. It brought a sense of belonging, connection, and gratitude. It felt magnetic. Expansive. I attended several days in a row, and each time I went home feeling grounded and present.

Jillian Richardson David Sauvage

The popup became a venue for local community builders to facilitate various experiences for participants. Founder of The Joy List, Jillian Richardson (above to the left), is seen speaking to the Empath Popup founder, David Sauvage.

David hugging

David partnered with Bailey Robinson and Jess Mason (seen below) to bring this idea to life in a retail shop in the East Village of New York City.

Empath Popup team

David Sauvage, the Empath

David SauvageDavid will help guide you through the process of self-discovery. A highly sensitive empath, he is able to feel what is going on with you at the deepest level and express it back to you so you can connect with your own truth. David is known for doing intuitive readings in front of audiences; he has been covered in the Guardian and Vice, among other publications.

For more about David, check out his website at www.empath.nyc. He also has an MBA and consults with investors and philanthropists to align their capital with their hearts.

Stay tuned for updates on David’s Instagram @empathnyc

Facilitator Insights

Here are a few insights for facilitators interested in bringing more magic like this to their communities.

  • Set an intention for the experience to align with a superpower
  • People own what they help create
  • Listen to everything, defend nothing
  • Map experience to nurture participant from current state to future state
  • Create a safe space and model vulnerable sharing to invite participation
  • Have several expert space-holding facilitators immersed in the experience
  • Invite a diverse population to accelerate learning opportunities, personal development, and relationship building across differences

Empath Popup

Stay tuned for updates on David Sauvage’s Instagram @empathnyc

Moments of Transformation

Prethinc is running a series of grassroots experiences over the next few months. If you’d like an invitation to experience a moment of transformation, drop in your mobile number below. You’ll automatically get a text message the day before the next experience.

When you submit your number, this page will not refresh or redirect you anywhere else – you’ll stay right on this page.

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