How to run a successful online event

Empath Online Popup is this week. Wondering if anyone has experience, ideas, and feedback on running successful live events? Please leave in comments below.

Empath Online Popup takes place August 16-20, every night 9pm-11pm EST. If you’re interested in David’s event, the above video is from the popup hosted in East Village back in July.

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  1. I facilitated a series of complex live events with a group of ontological coaches via Zoom. I learned a lot from the experience.

    (1) centralize registration for the event from four different Zoom landing pages into one form where users sign up, check boxes for the events of interest, and receive email/text communication from you rather than Zoom auto emails (Zoom lets you disable their auto messages)

    (2) record the workshops and package them into a downloadable offer / bundle so people who signup gain access to the content at a later date – if you plan to build a library of content, these recordings can be repurposed for a new business model or offered for free

    (3) each of the four workshops has a niche which directs you towards specialty groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, etc to learn more about the populations / potential customers you seek to serve with each workshop

    (4) define ideal user/consumer for each workshop using an Empathy Map and/or Persona Canvas to give direction to all marketing activities

    (5) map the ideal journey a strangers embarks on when they are introduced to your content through the channels you decide upon – prepare for each touchpoint the person will have as you nurture them from stranger > visitor > subscriber > active participant > long-term engaged community member

    (6) setup infrastructure to develop community in a sustainable way – source new product ideas / features / events from the community

    (7) anyone with a strong story to share about their experience at the first popup should be asked to tell the story via blog post, video, social media update, etc

    (8) on the evenings of the live shows, participants should only need to visit one branded URL that stays consistent each evening ie: – to accomplish this, login to your domain registrar, create a subdomain in your DNS, and forward the subdomain to the Zoom URL – you’ll have to do an extra step, but it will improve the user experience which is why we’re here – to serve

    (9) print postcards with a QR code so people can quickly scan and launch on-demand

    Hope this helps!



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