Framework to build an outline for your course

The intention of this page is to provide a structure that makes the course building process easier for you. Use this flow to bring the expertise of your heart, mind, and body into an outline that you will soon unpack with your writing.


What is the specific topic your learning experience explores?


Who is the ideal person that will learn the most from what you explore in this experience?

  • requirement: define the ideal person who signs up for your course in one sentence or less
  • tell the story of where the person is right now: what is their life like? what is their biggest obstacle? what are their fears? what makes them feel happy?


What is the outcome your learners will achieve?

  • requirement: define the ideal outcome for a person who signs up for your course in one sentence or less
  • tell the story of how the person finds your course, enrolls in it, works through it, and what their life/work/love is like after completing your course
  • what will they feel like?
  • what will they be like?
  • what will they be able to do?
  • how will their life/work/love be different from before they took your course?


What are all the things a person must learn in order to achieve outcome?

  • Module 1 – Introduction / Orientation: welcome messaging and supporting the learner understand the coursework/material they’re about to dive into
  • Module 2 – [insert module’s high-level concept in a few words]: [Insert 1 sentence description of the module]
  • list the modules…


What are the smaller pieces within each module?

  • Module 1: Introduction / Orientation
    • Welcome
    • Support (how does the learner communicate with you/access help?)
    • Culture
    • Outcomes
    • Components
    • Expectations
    • make a list…
  • Module 2: [Type the high-level concept of the module here]
    • make a list…
  • Repeat

Media Types

How will you deliver the learning experience?

  • Text: the strongest courses start as well-thought out, written words and finally, as text typed on the computer. Once you write/type the text version of your entire course you can introduce various elements listed below to enhance the experience, bring in different perspectives, etc.
  • Live Calls (1-1 or groups)
  • Downloads
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Slides
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Surveys

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