Transaction-driven platforms disconnect community members

Picture this: I am on Facebook aimlessly scrolling my feed of important status updates from people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and I stumble upon an update from Vulnerable AF. I remembered I wanted to attend the upcoming workshop at Lightning Society. I click through to the event page. I have that feeling right before I make a purchase…you know…that anticipation. Before I know it, I find myself on Eventbrite. I am browsing upcoming events for an art gallery in Dallas, Texas. Do they even have art? My phone rings, it’s my mother. I forget to buy my Vulnerable AF ticket, and I miss, yet again, another event.

Problems: (1) Entrepreneur misses an opportunity for an interested participant to register for event, and (2) participant misses opportunity to cultivate a superpower like vulnerability. This is a lose, lose situation that often goes unnoticed and exists as a latent problem.

Another scenario. I meet an entrepreneur in person. We get the talking. I’m digging it. Totally vibing. Right? I ask how to get tickets to her next event. She sends me to Eventbrite. I go home, buy tickets to the event on EventBrite, and two weeks later see her at the event. I leave the event, and we never experience the one-on-one collaborative co-creative vibe that seemed to be there at-first.

The theme here is transactions. Money, money, money!

Problems: (1) I thought we would be friends or continue vibing like we did when we first met…the time she got me to buy a ticket to her show…Oh, now I get it! (2) Entrepreneur misses opportunity to have a lifetime customer.

I also see another theme in these cases:



And another thing. Who is Eventbrite, anyway? Why does it get to put itself between you and I? Eventbrite is a self-serving business profiting off the commodification of falsely represented human connection and operating from the:



These platforms exist to serve themselves, do not contribute to the experiences we design, and encourage the transactional behavior that breeds:



Why am I using platforms that create friction for my community and are not aligned with my values? How long will it take for a profit-seeker with no imagination to see what we create before they come in?


Celebrate the essence of each human being in your community with a platform designed for authentic self-expression.

Use this platform in two ways:

(1) launch a Community on Prethinc with a free subdomain (if you have your own domain you can map it to your subdomain – free, obvi), and

(2) download the source code to install on your own server.

This microservice is built on WordPress, comes out of the box looking like this.

  • Fully customizable with no coding background required
  • drag and drop WordPress theme builder
  • drag and drop form builder
  • automated email
  • newsletters
  • There’s nothing you can’t do with this microservice

We unlock access to this tool for no cost. We are here as your advocate. We want to create momentum. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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