I want to be intentional in how this organization grows from the bottom-up, and from the inside-out. To help facilitate this process, I put myself in the shoes of a future employee. This empowered me with an empathetic understanding of how my daily behavior influences the projected growth of the organization and the way our employees will feel along the journey.

by Daniel D’Alonzo

A story from a future employee…

It feels like I share ownership of this company alongside the leadership, my peers, partners, and customers. That’s how involved we are in the process. We don’t make 100% of the decisions together, but I appreciate being included in a conversation with leadership prior to decisions being made that will impact me.

It wasn’t until speaking one-on-one with Prethinc leadership did I realize how special this organization is at its core. The dynamic across the teams is filled with care, love, authenticity, support, honesty, trust, and kind-hearted people doing their best in this thing called life.

The environment feels safe. I am surrounded by humble humans who support my ongoing self-discovery and personal development. Humility comes to mind when trying to describe the culture. Ego tends to not get in the way of collaboration and listening to customer needs. I assume this has a lot to do with the onboarding pipeline Prethinc has for new employees. I was able to cultivate a sense of my self and the role I wanted to play in the company as a way to align myself with the culture prior to starting as a full-time employee. Getting paid to develop myself and threading that into the company is unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced.

Growing as humans has us naturally growing as a company. It seems counterintuitive to try to grow a company without first providing an opportunity for the people to grow.

Prethinc openly shares these gifts with me and each human the brand touches. The leadership has a strong background in ontological coaching which fosters ongoing conversations coming from a place of possibility. I wake up feeling inspired and go to bed feeling satisfied. It means a lot to feel valued, appreciated, and accomplished.

Specifically, I enjoy Prethinc’s Internal Innovator Initiative. The ability to launch side projects within the company shatters the ceiling that would typically cause me to seek work opportunities elsewhere. Whether it’s internally with my team or with customers I interact with, Prethinc’s platform gives me the tools to rapidly prototype new learning materials, services, and new media creations as I discover opportunities – in real-time, on-demand. This empowers us to stay ahead of the curve and improve customer experience through a high-touch and personalized approach. The trust placed in me to make decisions on my own attracts me to our brand. It also seems to influence the loyalty our customers have to our brand.

There’s more, but that’s for us to know and you to find out 🙂

I am grateful to be apart of this new organizational model that seems to naturally be evolving into a movement. I am inspired to be apart of something bigger than myself. I hope to have more opportunities to share what we are learning with you.