Prethinc is an inclusive innovation ecosystem incubator. We provide a framework for cities to facilitate cross-sector stakeholder collective impact efforts.

Women, minorities, and children from low-to-mid-income families are ten times less likely to be patent holders and inventors than children of high-income. If they invented at the same rate as white men from high-income families, there would be 4 times as many inventors in America. -Raj Chetty, Professor of Economics, Harvard University


The United States of America has potentially missed ten million inventors who would create jobs, solve complex problems, and add value to the global economy in various ways. The fundamental principles that govern the way we participate in the free market are ill-equipped to serve the evolving needs of humanity. We are not simply missing out on marginal inventors. “Lost Einsteins” are those who would produce innovations that have the greatest impacts on society. Who better to tackle the greatest challenges of our time than those born into adversity, have been overlooked and underestimated, and invested a lifetime acquiring the resilient grit necessary to solve life’s challenges? -Daniel D’Alonzo, Founder & CEO of Prethinc


As members of, and now an advocate for, the “Lost Einsteins”, Prethinc nurtures purpose-driven founders into large corporations demanding their value. In doing so, Prethinc enables corporations to carefully reconnect with their humanity. Together, corporations and founders are setup to tackle the greatest challenges of our time. Are you ready to build an organization that shapes the emerging future?